The Phillips family consists of three brothers and one sister. Clint Phillips is the oldest and sings

the tenor. Stephen Phillips is next in line, and he sings the lead and some baritone. He also writes

most of the songs we sing, and we thank God for giving him the ability to do so. Joel Phillips is the

youngest brother, and he sings the baritone. He also is a pastor in Gaffney, South Carolina. Our

sister, Tabitha Walton, is the youngest and sings the alto. She also stays busy trying to keep her

brothers in line.

We have been singing as a group for over 20 years now and give God all the praise for what He

does through us. God has allowed us to minister in many churches through the years, and our

prayer is that He will broaden our coasts for many more. We love to sing and harmonize together,

but the most important thing for us is that the power of God would be manifested through our

voices and through each song.

We ask that you please pray for us as we go forward with God. We hope that you will visit our site

often, and if we are in your area, please come by and say, "Hello."

He truly is the reason we sing.


The Lord saved me February 24, 1990 at the age of 12 in my dads study at home. Looking

back over my young life I can see how God kept me from a lot of things, and He is still

keeping me. To God be the glory that I am no stranger to grace.

He has blessed me with a wonderful husband, Eric and two beautiful children Eli & Ella. I

thank God for the privilege to sing with my brothers. He's not just a song He is the

reason I sing!

James 4:6 "...But He giveth more grace."

Some of my favorite things:

Restaurant: Kanpai of Tokyo

Food: Japanese

Hobby: Shopping

Tabitha Phillips Walton

My name is Joel Phillips. I was saved on September 17,1982. The Lord has been REAL GOOD

to me and my family. I am married to Donna Lynn Phillips, and we have 3 wonderful

children: Kyla Grace Phillips, Kassie Lynne Phillips and Kaleb Manuel Phillips.

I am presently the Pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Gaffney, S.C. I thank God for my

church family. They have always supported me in my music ministry, and I really

appreciate that.

Our family has been singing together for over 20 years now, and God has opened a lot of

doors through the years for us. My life verse is Titus 1:2 "In hope of eternal life which God,

who cannot lie, promised before the world began."  As far as any hobbies go, I am a HUGE

North Carolina Tarheel fan. I was able last year to meet my "hero" in the sports world,

Michael Jordan, and yes, you guessed it. He is a Tarheel.

Please continue to pray for The Phillips Family, and we look forward to seeing you at our

next scheduled singing.

Thank You and God Bless You,

Joel Phillips

It is a privilege to sing for my Lord. I started singing when I was about five years old. I

was raised in Minneapolis, North Carolina where my dad pastored the Minneapolis

Baptist Church. It was in that church where I fell in love with gospel music. I was

saved at the age of 13. On July 21, 1983, Jesus came into my heart and saved me by

His grace.

God has blessed me with two wonderful kids. My oldest is Austin, and my daughter is

Megan. They are my world.

God has blessed me with the talent to write songs. I have written over 70 songs for

which I give all the glory to God. My heart's desire is that God's people be encouraged

along this pilgrim journey by our music.

Favorite food: Ribs

Favorite hymn: My Jesus I Love Thee

Favorite verse: Col. 1:14

Favorite team: UNC Tar Heels

Favorite movie: Tombstone

Stephen Phillips

What a joy it is to be able to serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I asked Jesus to

come into my heart at the age of 9. The Lord has used me for His glory ever since that

Sunday morning that He saved me. I have been singing since I was little, and it is one of

the things that I enjoy most. I love good harmony. I count it a privilege to be able to travel

and sing Southern Gospel with my family. God has truly blessed us.

God has given me a wonderful wife, Janice Phillips, who loves Jesus with all her heart.

God has also blessed me with three wonderful boys. Jordan is my oldest. Jacob and

Joshua are twins. Besides singing, some of my passions are studying the Civil War and

touring Civil War battle fields. Nascar is also something that I have enjoyed for a long

time. I am a life-long Dale Earnhardt fan.

God called me to preach many years ago and allowed me to attend Fruitland Bible

College. I graduated in 1999. I love to preach God's word wherever He gives me the

opportunity to do so. My desire is to always proclaim Jesus wherever I can and to keep

Him at the center of my life.

Thanks for visiting our website. Please keep us in your prayers.

God Bless,

Clint Phillips

Clint Phillips

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